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At Tordrillo North, you define the experience. Whether you bring your own trusted guides or use ours, everyone on the team has one focus; providing you with the trip YOU want!

The mountains, snowpack, and weather will always determine what is possible on any given day but our team will work hard to safely deliver the type of skiing or riding you are looking for.


Low angle, powder slopes, high-speed cruisers, steeps, pipes and tubes are all options within our vast and unique terrain. We want to take you to all the places we love in the Tordrillo Mountains. Take it slow and steady and when you are ready, we’ll be there to help you find and push personal boundaries.


what to expect

  • A world-class curated team who puts your safety first
  • Experienced and responsible Alaska bush pilots
  • The best snow available
  • Runs YOU are comfortable with
  • Camaraderie, discovery, and adventure
  • A casual and supportive atmosphere
  • The best cuisine in Alaska
  • A massage, a drink, and hot tub at the end of the day

"The Tordrillos offer the most spectacular terrain in Alaska. It's combination of high peaks and big glaciers provide stunning views and big ski runs"

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Pro Big Mountain Rider, TGR Athlete



We define this as less challenging terrain for those still learning, as warm-up or warm-down runs, or the perfect place to just to sightsee and enjoy the day. This is often where we will start as we assess snow-pack for stability. Also known as key runs or step-in runs, this low-probability low-consequence terrain serves an important function in avalanche risk mitigation.

Slope Angles: ~20 to 30 degrees



This is our standard powder run. Mid angle, perfect pitch where you can really get into a rhythm. These slopes are steep enough to keep descent speed and can please a wide diversity of skiers or boarders. To many, this is what we go heli skiing for, and for others it's a great warm-up.

Slope Angles: ~30 to 40 degrees

Tordrillo North is a private guided operation that typically books full groups of 12.  Smaller groups of 8 can be accommodated at an adjusted price. Both packages provide for 15 hours of total heli time for the week. If you don’t have a full group for your desired week, call us and we can help network you with other compatible skiers and boarders to get the lower rate.


Do you like non-stops on the Hobacks at Jackson, the Cirque at Snowbird, or the Laub at Engleberg?  Ripping through perfect powder at high speed on the latest gear is one of the premier experiences in Alaska. Let us show you the decadence of hot-lapping slopes and eating up vertical like there is no tomorrow. With speeds between 40 and 50 miles per hour, this is one exciting ride.

Slope Angles: ~35 to 45 degrees


While there is a vast amount of terrain of every type, Alaska first became famous for its steeps. Reserved for experienced guests and when conditions are just right, this is Alaska’s signature terrain. Plan on warming up and warming down so you can give these slopes your best. Due to the higher consequence of this terrain, everything from snowpack to guest ability has to line up before we will enter these slopes.

Slope Angles: ~45 to 60 degrees


Alaska is also home to some of the world’s best terrain riding. Being a snowboarder, owner Jim Conway was drawn to these amazing features long ago and shares it with other boarders and skiers at every opportunity he gets. These are like endless standing waves.

Slope Angles: ~30 to 45 degrees

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